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follow the Party all one''''s life

Published:2021/8/9 10:39:37    Number:9967

Learn from the party history and realize the thought, do practical things and open a new bureau

The party has gone through thousands of rivers and Qian Shan in the past century, and has accumulated rich experience and left a deep understanding. One day, open the bright road; There is a page of history that is recorded in the annals of history; There is a nation that fades from backwardness and numbness; There is a country that becomes rich in unity.
From 1921 to 2021, it was a hundred years when faith created legend.
100 years, light the light of faith!

In 100 years, write heroic hymns!

Outdoor development of party building/league building

In hot summer days, going out to play is undoubtedly the best way to recover body and mind and relieve fatigue. In order to breathe the breath of summer, enjoy the care of nature, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, and cultivate the consciousness of keeping fit of the employees, we should take the study of party history as an important content of ideological education for young employees, guide the broad masses of employees to strengthen their ideals and beliefs in the new era, and constantly enhance their sense of responsibility and responsibility. From June 26 to June 27, Ningxia Yizhongyuan Food Co., Ltd. organized employees to carry out outdoor training activities with the theme of "Party Building Leading Group Building" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.

At 7: 00 in the morning, facing the rising sun, the team started from the company, and the development training was conducted in Lanyi Villa at the foot of Helan Mountain in Ningxia. Participants were randomly divided into three teams, and during the training process, the three teams started fierce competition.

Team style display

Expansion project

By participating in the project challenges such as "Yugong Yishan", "Process Management", "Rapid 60s", "Going Forward" and "Re-taking the Long March Road", all employees further enhance the team''''s executive communication ability in the process of summing up success and failure; Improve the decision-making power of the leadership team and the importance of process management; In the process of actively making suggestions and scrambling to undertake the most important tasks, temper the team spirit of unity, cooperation and courage; In honor and frustration, actively think about improvement.

Take the Long March Road again

This party building development activity combines red culture with team development training, and deeply understands the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary martyrs who worked hard, were not afraid of difficulties, were not afraid of sacrifice, and were indomitable through experiential training, which effectively increased the executive power and cohesion of enterprise employees and highlighted the leading role of party building.

forge ahead

Through this red theme education practice, all employees have a stronger ideological foundation, a stronger belief tree and a stronger determination to take the new Long March. Everyone said in succession that if we want the revolutionary predecessors to learn, we should keep in mind the mission, Do not forget your initiative mind. It is necessary to strengthen ideals and beliefs in the study and education of party history, draw spiritual strength from inheriting red genes and enhance party spirit. Learn from history, consciously accept the red education, read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, feel the party''''s kindness, listen to the party''''s words, and unswervingly follow the party.

2021 is a year where challenges and opportunities coexist. Facing the challenges, people from all sources in Iraq will not forget their initial intentions, forge ahead, and bravely pursue their dreams, and make great achievements for all the work of the company.