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Ningxia youpin Hangzhou hang

Published:2021/8/9 10:17:17    Number:5583

The 8th Hangzhou Net Red Live E-commerce and Short Video Expo 2021 and the 8th Hangzhou New Retail Wechat business E-commerce Expo 2021 were held in Hangzhou International Expo Center from July 29 to 31.

This exhibition is sponsored by Hangzhou E-Commerce Association, Organizing Committee of Hangzhou Net Red Live E-Commerce Expo, Shanghai Jiyan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Zheyan Exhibition Co., Ltd. The conference is located in Hangzhou, the capital of e-commerce. With the advantage of Hangzhou''''s e-commerce, it will create a grand event of online celebrity''''s economic and industrial chain. The Expo covers an exhibition area of 42,000 square meters, with 4 exhibition halls, 1,200+enterprises and hundreds of industry media competing for coverage, which will attract more than 100,000 professional visitors such as online celebrity to discuss cooperation, and millions of people will watch the live broadcast, which will help enhance the exposure of participating brands.

This conference continued to focus on the theme of new e-commerce, new retail, new channels and new outlets, focused on digital innovation and channel reform brought by the dividend period of China''''s new consumption window, comprehensively interpreted the integration trend of digitalization, live broadcast platform and community economy with new retail and new e-commerce, and devoted itself to creating e-commerce events in the whole industry chain, such as e-commerce, live broadcast e-commerce, social e-commerce, Wechat business and community/community e-commerce.

1. Ningxia Youpin Hangzhou Tour

Ningxia Muslim food brands, such as Huixiangzhaizi, Silu Zhaizi, Yuxiaoxian, Mugui Township, Yihui, Luoxiaomi, A Min, Dongji, Xiangningrong and Yinhe, spontaneously connected with each other and organized a group to appear in the Global New E-commerce Expo, bringing Ningxia excellent products to the general audience and bringing a different landscape to the exhibition site.

2. Ningxia Muslim food

Ningxia-style food is very popular at the scene:
Hometown Zhaizi, Silk Road Zhaizi leisure soybean protein products, Q dried bean curd, brushed vegetarian meat; Yu Xiaoxian Mala Tang base material, flow juice wide powder; Canned beef and mutton in Mugui Township; Yihui beef jerky, millet snail powder, hot and sour powder; A Min''''s chaffy dish, self-heating rice, drink and medlar cake, and Dong Ji''''s sour plum soup.


4. On-site consultation on Muslim food in Ningxia

Online celebrity anchors of many e-commerce platforms and live broadcast platforms are full of praise after tasting the products, and have a special liking for our Ningxia products. They have left contact information and are ready to further cooperate with us. The scene is very popular.